Please read the information provided below before booking any online session with Andy. 


  • A Google Hangouts Account with a compatible camera-enabled device (iPad, iPhone, Android, Laptop, PC.) For more information on Google Hangouts please click here.

  • A reliable internet connection either through Broadband or 4G mobile internet. (Read more below).

  • The ability to pay with internet banking. (Payment will be required within 24 hours of completing the lesson. Bank details emailed to you after booking)

  • You own your own instrument and set up a suitable room where both yourself and the instrument are visible on camera. 

  • A quiet room to enjoy the lesson in.

Once you have booked a time slot and it has been approved there is not much left to do except wait for me to call you. The time slot, once booked, belongs to you and should you not be able to answer or fail to, then payment will still be required. If the fault lies at my end then no payment will be necessary. If the lesson fails due to poor connectivity then no payment will be required, which is why I stress to ensure you have a good internet connection. Speeds above 15mbps download and 5mbps upload should suffice. (The speed google recommends is far lower than this but good audio and picture quality is a necessity) You can check your speeds by using the link here


If you cannot attend your booking for any reason then please do let me know ASAP so I can free up the slot again. I have very loyal students at the moment so do not wish to introduce a penalty charge should a lesson need to be cancelled. However, as I mentioned, if it is missed without 24 hours warning then payment will be required. I hope that is clear enough, but if you do have any questions feel free to contact me either through email, or phone number.