10+ Years audio/advertising Experience.

"Super happy with my new intro music for my vlogging series. Andy from Be-Spoken was very knowledgable about my audience & and I pretty much left it with him. Two weeks passed and I can't stop listening to my new jingle! I LOVE IT! Thanks again!"

- R. Taylor (YouTuber)

Worked with large companies such as MoreThan, GRP


"Incredibly efficient and affordable. Having used many various agencies I am blown away by the quality and thought that I received for £***. Will definitely recommend for future clients"

- D. Ester (Branding agency)

And small local businesses...

"Can't think of another way we could have got this kind of quality & customization for our backing tracks. The fact we could liaise every detail (& was received totally understood) was amazing. Strong demonstration of true musicianship & talent. Thanks Again!"

- G. Tuffs (Professional Function Band)

We will help you achieve the best possible outcomes for your business. With our step by step processes, we ensure you are kept IN THE LOOP with your audio. We help you analyse your target audience, explain what we KNOW will help grab their attention and show you just how affective bespoke audio can be for your brand & more...

With our 10+ years of countless connections and a huge portfolio of professional musicians, mixing engineers and studios, we really can help with whatever the task may be.

We are incredibly competitive on pricing which is what makes our service so desirable to those who really want to stand out!


We have served the likes of...

  • Advertising Agencies

  • Large corporations

  • Small Local Businesses

  • Game Developers

  • Social media influencers

  • Vloggers

  • Musicians/Performers

  • Function Artists/Bands & more​